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Bedtime books




Bedtime Books, developed for Hbrothers, transforms bedtime storytelling into a dynamic and personalized experience for children. Marrying UI-UX research with the capabilities of OpenAI, the app caters specifically to children, offering customizable story generation with a captivating user interface.


To craft an interactive story-telling app that not only appeals to children visually but also offers deep personalization and flexibility in creating bedtime stories.

UI-UX Focus

Prioritized a visually appealing interface, ensuring it's kid-friendly and engaging.

Custom Story Generation

Leveraged OpenAI to generate unique stories tailored to user preferences.

Diverse Customizations

Offered multi-character selection, varying landscapes, moral lessons, adjustable story lengths, and additional input prompts to enrich the narrative.

Save and Share

Enabled story-saving for revisiting and sharing, further enhancing user experience.


Bedtime Books seamlessly blends technology with the timeless charm of storytelling, fostering bonding moments between parents and children. By enabling story customization down to nuanced details, the app ensures that each tale resonates personally with its young listeners.

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